A Low View of the High Elves

I guess we'll be gettin' more High Elves coming into the Old World to aid us in the war soon. I don't mind allies. But there are many grudges against the Elves from the days of the War of Vengeance which have been passed down in my family from father to son. They concern members of my family who fell in battle against the House of Aethenorn. Since there is a Rilean Ceridas in Caledor sending High Elves to us, I would feel much better if you would go there and get his apologies for his family killing so many of my forebears in that war.
Go to the High Elf warcamp in Caledor and prevail upon Rilean Ceridas for a formal apology for past grievances against the Bristlebeard line during the War of Vengeance.
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