**Quest for the Goblin's Elixir

I got nuffin' else dat needs bein' done. Ehh, except for dis one fing. I 'eard it from a captured Night Gobbo who 'eard it from a captured High Elf 'e was torturin', who 'eard it from a Dark Elf corsair captain, dat the Dark Elf army in Caledor has magic elixirs dat dey give out to dere big fightin' heroes, wot dey don't want to see get kilt. It makes 'em live forever, dey say. I ain't like other gits, I hate gettin' cut by blades and bashed wif hammers. I want dat elixir, so stunties and orcs can't kill me. Go to da Dark Elf camp in Caledor and gimme dat elixir. Some Dark Elf named Keritha got it.
Go to the Dark Elf warcamp in Caledor and speak to Keritha Poisonblade about an immortality elixir for Gagstog Stunty-Masha.
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