Alone in the Woods

Hear my words, <name>, and despair! The hunt-god, Kurnous, has chosen the side of our weakling cousins in this war we fight. Now he preys upon us, and those who have allied with us. God or not, he must be taught the proper respect for the forces we have marshaled! And you are the one who can administer that lesson! There is a secret place in Ulthuan ... a forest where most mortals cannot go. To reach it, you must pass through a Vale Vine--a mystical gateway, found only on the battlefields of Ulthuan. Beyond is the Hunter's Vale, where Kurnous dwells. To reach him, you must first defeat two guardians: a mighty Tree Lord, and the Lion of Cadaithaine. Beyond them lies the way to Kurnous's lair. Have no doubt: You should not face Kurnous or his guardians alone. Find a few hapless dupes to enter the Hunter's Vale with you. Now prepare yourself! You go to face a god!
Assemble a group of adventurers and enter the Hunter's Vale dungeon via the Vale Vines, found on the battlefield in Chrace. Inside, slay the Thanan Tree-Lord, the Cadaithaine Lion, and the Spirit of Kurnous. Then return to the Vale Witch to claim your reward.
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