'Ow t'Steam Stunties

I 'eard from some of our scouts over at da big Stunty mountain, an' dey say dat the Humies an' da Elves an' da Stunties're yellin' an' cursin' at each uvver right now! Da plan worked great! Da scouts also said dat dere's a bunch of Stunties dat are runnin' around, tearin' up some of our old banners. Dunno why dey waited until now, but it's bad for da Waaagh! I want you to take a banner an' go out dere and plant it where da Stunties can see it. Den maybe dey'll come out to destroy it, an' you can bash 'em on da head!
Search for a Mound of Dirt to use in order to place a greenskin banner. You can find them within the RVR Lakes in The Badlands, High Pass, Saphery, or in the Gates of Ekrund scenario, and defend it from attack for one minute. Return to a Cunnin' Shaman at any Tier 3 Destruction warcamp when done.
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