'Ow t'Steam Stunties

Oy, you're one of dem gits ... er, brave warriors, dat is ... dat Gazbag said would be comin'! Gazbag sed a bunch of you'd be comin' to find out wot da Stunties're doin' over dere. We can't get into da Stunty warcamp, so we ambush 'em whenever dey come sniffin' round da Stunties' ruined fort. Funny fing is, dey don't seem like dey're lookink fer a rumble! I fink dey're lookin' fer sumfink else--an' I want you to find out wot it is! An' if it looks important-like, bring it back 'ere! 'Course, if you kill a bunch of dem in da process, you won't hear me complainin'!
Search for Grolmunn's Book of Grudges in the Gates of Ekrund scenario or near Ogrund's Tavern in High Pass. Report to a Cunnin' Shaman when you have the book.
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