Antiquities Lost

You look a mite confused, <career>. Well grab a pint and let ol' Duragin straighten you out. Ye've heard talk of flyin' airships? Pity it's not a tall tale. Blasted things should be decorating the end of me axe! Aye, bad news indeed. Lucky for us them green curs don't know what they're doing. Just head out to the battlefield, you'll see what I mean. Chuffin' things are crashing all over the place and its up to us to figure out just what they're tryin' to accomplish.
Scour the battlefield in Marshes of Madness for the airship crash site that Duragin spoke of, and search the area for clues as to the ship's contents. Once proof has been obtained, investigate closer for details on the airship's mission.
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  • Tier 2 (0)
  • Tier 3 (0)
  • Tier 4 (0)


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