A Taste of Their Own Medicine

As I have already told your comrades, my master, Lord Angloth, has left this place. With him he has taken one of your officers -- Captain Tuerl -- and fled along the road to the west. I was to understand that this Tuerl knows much of your goals here in Caledor. It would be a blow against Malekith if my master were to take Tuerl to Lothern, where the wisest of my kind might have a chance to break her spirit ... much as my own spirit has been broken by your allies. Go, if you dare. Are you fleet of foot? Can you hope to catch up to my master and his prisoner? I think not, but the comfort of that knowledge is cold. Now leave me, <career>. I have no more desire to speak with you.
An important Dark Elf officer, Captain Tuerl, has been captured by Lord Angloth of the High Elves. Track the High Elf Lord along the road leading west from Avethir. When you find Captain Tuerl, free her. If you cannot free her, you must ensure that she is put to the sword, instead.
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