A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Let me give you an example of my cousins' lack of common sense. Yonder gate continues to spew forth the warriors of Avethir which we, in turn, cut down like chaff. They have no concept of their losses, and continue to throw themselves upon us like waves upon the rocks. Though amusing at first, it has become quite dull. The only bright side is the irony of using their own weapon -- this Eagle Claw -- against them. I've little doubt that there will be another charge in a moment. Please, help yourself to the carnage. Man the Eagle Claw, and see our enemies decimated by your hand on their next charge. When you've finished, perhaps you'd like to speak to a prisoner we've taken? He sits just over there, under guard.
Man the Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower. When the High Elves charge from Avethir, use the Bolt Thrower to thin their numbers. When you've had your fill, walk a short distance east and interrogate the Captive Drakeblade you find there.
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