Anomalous Behavior

My cousins' actions throughout Ulthuan seem to have disrupted the Winds of Magic. All across Eataine, magical anomalies are springing into being. Some seem harmless, while others have already caused much pain and destruction. I fear that my homeland will be indelibly marked by Chaos if these incidents are not investigated immediately. Should you wish to help, I ask that you take this logbook. Within, several of these anomalous locations have been marked. Investigate each one, and make notes in the logbook concerning the nature of each. Return to me with the logbook when you have finished your investigations. The first anomaly is far to the west, north of the Cloudbreak Estate, and consists of a shifting portal. Where does this portal lead? That is for you to discover, oh brave <name>. I will await your return.
Travel west, and search for the portal that has opened up just to the north of the Cloudbreaker Estate. Investigate the portal, and determine where it leads. When the nature of the portal has been ascertained, use Ereanna's Logbook to record what you have learned.
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