Ancient Horror

Grim news, <name>. The cult that wrote this ancient grimoire does not seem to have any correlation with those cultists worshipping the long dead Kali' Amon. In fact it seems as if the ancient cult worshipped an entirely different Chaos god. In my further study of this book I have encountered references to a mighty artifact in the form of a great stone plinth. The ancient cult was preparing this stone plinth for a fell ritual involving a Dark God and the resurrection of an ancient horror. What this horror was is not described, but it appears as if the cult got very close to completing the ritual. If this book has resurfaced, that may mean the stone is still in existence too. We must find it! Go to the Dwarf Elgrum Stoutgirth in the Badlands. I am told that he knows these lands better than any, and might shed light on the search for the stone.
Travel east and find Elgrum Stoutgirth in the Badlands. Find out if he knows anything about the Stone plinth Alaric spoke of.
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