Ancient Horror

The grimoire you brought me is written in an arcane language that I can only fully translate with much time. I have determined, though, that it is a record of activities kept by an ancient chaos cult. Strange that it has resurfaced now. I have received word that many cults have sprung up all over Black Fire Pass and even as far south as the Badlands. It could be that there is some connection between these cultists and the cult that wrote this grimoire. Whatever the reason for their presence, it seems that they are largely tolerated by the greenskins. This does not seem right, and could mean dire things for our alliance. South of here is an ancient resting place, the tomb of Kali' Amon. If any of these twisted souls are to be found, it is there. Kill them and bring me some of the symbols of their cult so I can compare them to those contained within this book. Go quickly, <name>.
Travel to the south and search for cultists near the Tomb of Kali 'Amon. Open the Withered Sarcophagi to force the priests of Kali'Amon to rise, and then kill them for their Cult Symbols. Once you have six, return to Alaric Von Burbinstein.
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