Ancient Horror

Bah! I can shoot greenskins all day an' all night an' still not clear enough of them away to make the camp safe. Puts me in a terrible spot, <career>. Can't leave my post while the camp's in danger. Can't find brynduraz if I can't leave my post! Brynduraz ... brightstone ... It's what the High King sent me here for. We need more of it. All the Miner Chiefs have gone to find it, and I got stuck here in a pile of greenskins waist high to an Elf! Just a moment! You look like you could swing an axe well enough. Mind gatherin' a few samples for me? I've seen several promisin' spots from here.
Go to the places that Chief Hallsteinn indicated in the Badlands. Examine the Promising Stones in order to gather rock samples. Return to Chief Hallsteinn at Norrikson's Excavation with the samples.
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