Anoint the Ground

I am surrounded by fools. I wait in this accursed fortress, wasting hours in the company of a monosyllabic hunk of flesh and his gibbering fool. The greenskins may serve as adequate allies when you do not have to actually see them, but after long hours in their company I recall fondly the times when my armies cut them down like cordwood, slaughtering them in the name of our glorious empire. But my unfortunate situation here is not the primary cause of my current annoyance. The traitors in ulthuan siege Nagarythe, seeking to blot out the memory of that place's true ruler. the Shadowlands fight back against them, but they are aided by the most deplorable traitors of all, the Shadow Warriors of the highlands. Those fools resented me from the start, and rebelled against their rightful lord. They shall not take that place from me as they have taken the rest of my kingdom. We will slaughter them all. We will hold Spite's Peak and reach forward from that place to take the Cascades.
Help defeat an High Elf Keep Lord at either Spite's Reach in the Shadowlands or the Cascades of Thunder in Ellyrion. Collect a High Elven Insignia from the High Elf Keep Banner dropped by the Lord, and return it to Malekith as proof of your deeds.
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