A Life in the Balance

There are few who understand the truth path of the High Elves. We live lives of careful balance so that we may safeguard this world, and we keep that duty in the forefront of our minds. Our emotions must be a multicolored tapestry, not a torrent of passions in which we can be swept away. Do you have such strength? Do you have the skill to fight your enemies, as well as the restraint to stay your hand when it is required? If so, then activate the Altar of Yenlui and let us see.
Activate the Alter of Yenlui to begin the challenge. Defend yourself, but do not destroy any of your opponents.
  • Tier 1 (0)
  • Tier 2 (0)
  • Tier 3 (0)
  • Tier 4 (0)


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