A Life in the Balance

Each High Elf, in his long life, eventually takes up a number of art forms. Some seek to paint the perfect mural, while others choose to focus upon perfecting their physical or spiritual being. Song and poetry are commonly pursued by the Elves, for in the study of meter and rhyme they attempt to find solace. One such High Elf is Anathil Surelight, who has written the song that has been scribed upon the parchment you hold in your hands. One verse catches your eye: 'Passions of the past have cursed our kin, So our future passions we must deny, We should cherish both bliss and anguish, And laugh for each tear that we must cry. 'Balance is a defining trait of the High Elves. Can Anathil Surelight lend meaning to his prose? What has become of him in this dark time?
Locate Anathil Surelight and speak to him about the Song of Harmony.
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