A Servant's Duel

I hear their whispers. I know their minds. They are fools, and I hope Lord Uthorin knows. I was but a young fledgling when I dueled a High Elf Archmage, yet all anyone remembers is my fall. They do not remember that my magic was strong enough to save me from death, nor do they care that I have slain countless Mages during the course of this campaign. They only remember my shame, for it is the only way that they can feel superior to me when they are clearly unworthy. I intend to slaughter every mage on this isle, and to leave none but their best alive so that, one day, I will prove that I will never fall again. After so much time, it has become a tiresome chore to track down the lesser Mages. If you can save me from that tedium, then I shall reward you fairly.
Join House Uthorin in battle, destroying twenty enemy Archmages. Return to Asille Nightreach when done.
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