Blood of the Vale

Agreed then. Before we begin our pact, I will warn you. Careful not to cross me, <name>. Though I am injured, I am capable. I can and will exact my revenge on you, should you fail to live up to your end of the bargain. It is obvious someone beat us to mark invading the Lost Vale. Their likely brigands of some sort from the north who stumbled upon ethereal passage here. They are holding the wench Everqueen for their own means. Subject to their rituals, her weak spirit suffers dementia. In the likely case that your mind is not capable of reading between my lines, I will spell it out for you. Defeat these foreign invaders. Lure the Everqueen's spirit out. Lead her to believe us her allies. Then she will guide us toward her. Begin in the wilds. There the invaders presence seems to be the weakest.
Enter the Thornvale Wilds of the Lost Vale. Find and slay Ahzranok to bypass the first barrier. Speak with the Everqueen's Spirit that appears near Ahzranok's Lair afterwards.
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