Blood for the Blood God

The servants of Slaanesh abide in yonder halls. They are depraved creatures, weakened by their continued dependence on mortal lusts and worldly diversions. Soon, they will all drown in seas of blood. Soon, they will understand all too well the folly of their ways. But not yet. Not yet. Were my existence likened to a feast, then war would be the main course. To bring it about, it is only customary to provide appetizers that whet the palate for the meal to come. Venture forth into the Slaanesh portions of the Undercroft. There is a Daemonette known as Jinnivul Blisswhisper who has often flaunted her distaste of my master. Find her and slay her, then bring me her head. That is, if one such as you is able.
Travel west into the Slaanesh portion of the Undercroft. Search the area for Jinnivul Blisswhisper, a Daemonetter who has dared to blaspheme against Khorne. Return to Stavin Gutspiller in the Khorne portion of the Undercroft when this has been done.
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