Belly of the Beast

I have failed! I can feel the sickness within me, writhing like worms in my belly! They gnaw at my innards! The taste of their bile is strong in my mouth! You! You must finish my task! To do otherwise is to betray our lord, Tchar'zanek! Dare you defy me? Then take this, my final report, to Pherix, the Master of Change! He abides with Tchar'zanek! This details the doings of the Lord of Decay and his rotting minions within the Burrow! There is one more undertaking you must complete before you leave: kill me, if you can! Should this sickness be allowed to fester within my belly, I will emerge from it a changed being under the control of the Lord of Flies! You must not allow that to happen! Kill me! Kill me, <career>, or I will kill you!!
Kill Mikael Ravensword, if you can! Once he has been put out of his misery, travel to Pherix Master of Change in the Inevitable City, and provide him with Mikael's Report.
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