A Question of Loyalty

Now more than ever we must be resolute. Not only are we at risk from without, as the High Elves that remain have nothing left to lose; we are also at risk from within, as our own people seek to inflate their accomplishments and supplant their leaders. The higher you rise within House Uthorin, the more precarious your position becomes. There are many who have sought my death on the battlefield, and not all of them wear the uniforms of our enemies. While I am certain of the threats posed by most of my allies, there are a handful of individuals whose motives remain unclear. One of these is Tarrol Greyleaf. Go to him, <name>. Discover his intentions. Does he seek to have me killed so that he may take my place? Or can he be trusted?
Speak to Tarrol Greyleaf, and determine if he seeks to assassinate Yrethi Slaughterwind.
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