A Little Compensation

It isn't bad enough that the weak-bloods continue to defend Eataine's masses, putting their own puny lives in jeopardy for Ulthuan's unwashed masses. We've had especial resistance from one High Elf in particular, and she is quickly becoming an annoyance I would just as soon see squashed. Her name is Savarielle Spiritseeker. She insists on attacking my wardens and freeing those of her kin that we've clapped in chains. We've tracked her to a location near the Glittering Citadel's docks. If she isn't dealt with, she will continue to hinder our actions in this region. Do away with her, and discover where she's taken our prisoners, and Isyrian will know of your deeds.
Go to Glittering Citadel docks. Locate Savarielle Spiritseeker and kill her. Should you recover any information from her corpse, inspect it to see if it will lead you to the captives she has freed.
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