A Little Compensation

As I have already told you, the vermin attempt to flee to the coast. As assured as our victory is, I will not compete with common folks for servants in the streets of Lothern. The starving, diseased wretches that survive our terrible siege will be worthless to me! There is a constant stream of High Elves flowing east towards the coast, and from there south along the water's edge. They are defended by High Elf troops that are little better than rabble. If my agents are to capture Eataine's citizens before they can escape to Lothern, their defenders on the road must be taken care of. Speak with Torill Carrionblade, one of my best wardens, when you've cleared the road of defenders.
Search along the road to the east for the Brightspears that defend Eataine's refugees. Kill as many Brightspears as you can to facilitate Isyrian Vek's soldiers in capturing the refugees. Speak to Torill Carrionblade, north of the road, when you are done.
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