A Torment Unending

The sacred armaments we will twist into instruments of torment lie within the Hall of Kings. These weapons are warded by the blessings of Asuryan. With the Vital Essence you have gathered, I have created an incense that will erode the wards. We shall break Asuryan's hold over the Hall and then claim the Hall in Khaine's name! The memories of the Kings shall be dishonored, and the wards guarding the armaments shall fade into memory. Be certain you move more swiftly this time. These armaments are the last piece of the ritual, and Lyrithea needs them to ensure our goals do not fail!
Travel to the Hall of Kings. With the Defiling Incense, fouling the air and staining the Plaques of Honor with the Mark of Khaine. When done, turn the Hall into a Shrine of Khaine by reading Kyrelis' Incantation at the Altar of Kings.
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