A Torment Unending

The land is soaked with blood of the High Elves, and our march to Lothern will be made upon a road paved with their festering bodies! The torment of my kin has only just begun! It must reach into the past and burn deeply into their honored history. I have hatched a plot with a young bride of Malekith. Lyrithea Marakar shall be my means of creating that pain! We shall claim the Hall of Kings for Khaine and twist the sacred armaments held within into vicious weapons of suffering. With every stroke of these desecrated treasures, we shall inflict anguish upon their souls that will match the agony experienced by their bodies!
Raid the nearby warcamp of the High Elves, defeating all who oppose you. Gather their vital essences from their corpses. Return to Kyrelis Bloodreaver in Lightslayer's Umbrage when done.
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