A Newfound Urgency

All that stands between us and the gates of Lothern are the most decadent of our enemies: the nobility of Eataine. My hated kinsmen are aware of the weakness of those who stand before us, and they sneak through the wilds of Dragonwake attempting make their stand at Eataine's frontier. The usurpers must learn that their efforts to stall us and spare Eataine its torment will not succeed. Seek out an overlook in the wilds of Dragonwake and scout the defenses of our enemy. Redath Myeran awaits your report in Honor's Scourge, to the east.
Travel to the east and search for the mountain pass from which you can scout the defenses of the enemy. Should you encounter any Shade scouts along the way, speak with them and see what they have discovered. Return to the Uthorin Shade, east of Celrath Pass, when done.
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