An Ancient Secret

Behold! The Lifedrinker! Its thirst for life grows. Soon it will gain its full power. To complete the gem and slake its thirst, you must gather three Essences. The first is the Essence of Guile, an aspect of life carried in the hearts of those who stalk silently through the land. The second is the Essence of Wisdom, possessed in abundance by those who wield the power of the Winds of Magic. The last is the Essence of Strength, plentiful in the hearts of the Warriors that populate Dragonwake. I cannot say that gathering the essences will be easy, but the power gained for House Uthorin by this effort shall mark you a true champion! Take from me the Lifedrinker. Prove that you are worthy of such a task! If you are not, the Lifedrinker will claim your life's essence for itself!
The Essence of Guile can be taken from one of the enemy's most stealthy warrior: Theran Sorrowblade. Sorrowblade stalks the Dark Elf forces using the Shadow Warrior camps scattered about Dragonwake as his bases. Defeat Theran then absorb his essence by using the Lifedrinker Gem.
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