A Wake for Dragons

A memento of Eataine? I had no idea that our Lord Velathor was so sentimental. I should like to see his trophy room someday. One wonders what kinds of trinkets he has hoarded over the years. Given my area of expertise, I can only assume he wants something that is related to Dragons. There is little that can be harvested from Dragons at the moment; especially when there are none to be found within easy reach. Yet, there is something that might appeal to his sense of the macabre, as well as to his interest in the great wyrms. When a Dragon's blood is spilt, it congeals into a crystalline substance similar to red glass. Over the years, the blood is ground down by the elements into a fine, crimson powder called Dragon Dust. I imagine that there is a good deal of this substance around the Dragon bones in the Drakewind Passage.
Go to Malyros' Rest to the southeast and gather Dragon Dust for Velathor Lashstrider's souvenir. Deliver this Dust to Lashstrider in the Uthorin camp at Drakeshadow.
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