An Eye for Trouble

Many of my former House have taken to disguising themselves as Uthorin warriors, but they cannot keep up the charade for long. I have little trouble ferreting out such cowards. I am finding that there are more of the Arkaneth traitors then anyone had anticipated, and many of them are hiding in the shadows of the Tower of Avethir, some hoping to be overlooked in the battle while others hope to win their own pardon from Lord Uthorin. This is competition I cannot tolerate. Use the Arkaneth horn to try to flush the cowards out. The sound will have little significance to Uthorin forces, but Arkaneth fugitives may wander near out of curiosity. Try the horn near the base of the towers where the shadows are deepest. I'm sure the cowards will present themselves, given their seclusion.
Travel north to the Tower of Avethir. Use the horn at the lookouts around Avethir, where wary soldiers keep watch, to flush out the Arkaneth Fugitives. Kill a dozen fugitives before reporting back to Axais Dwelrath in the Uthorin camp at Crimson Scar.
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