A Snugly Fitting End

You have unwittingly stumbled upon a piece of High Elf history that has gone undiscovered for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. At first glance, it appears as if this long-dead High Elf, probably a Dragon Prince by the looks of him, fell afoul of his mount, leading to the mutual destruction of both parties. It is said that the Dragon Princes and their bonded Dragons share a fraternity that is unknown amongst the other races of the world. Even so, there is little doubt that brother can rise up against brother. What else can explain the Sundering, and the cold betrayal of Malekith at the hands of the High Elves? Such a macabre scene displayed within such a quiet meadow is most amusing. Perhaps taking a souvenir to commemorate its discovery is in order?
Take the skull of the fallen Dragon Prince as a prize.
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