A Weapon of Doom

I will break this toad, and you will take care of gathering the final materials that are required to complete my devastating weapon! Caledor is not only well-known for its Dragons! It is also lauded for the flawless gems that are drawn from the land. With gems such as these, I shall focus the Wind of Hysh into a devastating blast of energy! It shall scour the land of all life, and tear down the walls of even the mightiest city! I shall proudly lead House Uthorin to victory, be the most favored of Malekith's servants! It is these gems which I now require you to gather for me. When you have recovered them, make your way to this Dwarf's prison. He should be broken by then, and ready to craft my great weapon!
Travel to the gem mines of Caledor, and scour the land for quality gems needed for Volanir's weapon. Deliver these gems to the Captured Engineer at his prison camp, north of Kelysian's Landing.
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