A Weapon of Doom

I have devised plans for a magnificent armament! A glorious creation the likes of which our world has never seen! Armed with this device, my people will rain doom down upon the heads of any who dare to oppose Malekith! Such a weapon will aid our House in its mission to conquer Lothern, but I have not had the means within my grasp to make it ... until now. Those foolish High Elves have brought the means to me! We have discovered a massive metal ship which bears Dwarfs to Ulthuan. It is docked upon the shores of a nearby isle. Such a ship must carry an engineer with the skills necessary to construct my weapon for me. All you must do, <name>, is bring the foul-smelling wretch to me, and I will bend him to my service! Do you think you can manage the capture of a mere Dwarf?
Travel to Kelysian's Landing and search for one of the Dwarf engineers accompanying the ship. Capture one, and return with him to Volanir Derim.
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