And Thus With Traitors

These are dire times for House Arkaneth, as you doubtless know. In fact, I only serve beneath the Arkaneth banner due to the cruelty of merciless fate. If things had been different, I may have fought to victory at the side of your Uthorin brethren! Perhaps you grow impatient, for in me you still perceive an enemy. Let me get to the point. What remains of House Arkaneth in Saphery is but a handful of leaderless troops and confused officers. I was sent by my superior to take a dispatch back to our leaders in Hag Graef, but it occurs to me that this information may be of more use to you and your masters. I would gladly deliver this missive to you, but I have a concession to ask: you must slay my superiors in Saphery. Understand that my life will be forfeit should House Arkaneth discover my duplicity. I would be at your mercy were my officers taken care of, and I would be an enemy of House Uthorin no more.
Seek out the remnants of House Arkaneth in Hoeth. Kill any officers you find so that Arkaneth's remaining troops will be made leaderless and ineffective. Return to the Arkaneth Turncoat when done.
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