An Object of Power

In my dreams, I have seen great gouts of flame burst forth from the Fiery Gem. They consume my enemies and their ashes flutter to the ground at my feet like blackened rose petals! The knowledge I seek is known to the Mages of the Tower of Flame. Specifically, a crafty High Elf named Aensobar Cinderwing. He is rarely available, but his apprentice, Iyriria, may be able to bring him forth if you can properly motivate her.
Search the Tower of Flame to the southeast for the whereabouts of Apprentice Iyriria, Aensobar Cinderwing's apprentice. Defeat Iyriria and use her cries to persuade Cinderwing to show himself. Defeat Cinderwing, and claim any clues that you might find on his person.
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