An Object of Power

Lord Uthorin has expressed displeasure with our sorcery, given the failures to the north led to an eruption of conflict. Soon my sisters and I will face another test as we move to conquer the Menhir Stones of Saphery. If we we fail there, I hesitate to think of the fate that will befall us. Lord Uthorin must be convinced that my sisters and I are strong. At the least, my own power must be beyond question. Should the rest of my sisters prove lacking, at least I shall be there to carry on our work in Ulthuan. I require your assistance to do so. Whitemoon Manor is a storehouse of ancient wisdom and High Elf artifacts. I have seen a fiery gem in my dreams; a jewel filled with flickering luminescence hidden within a crate. Go to Whitemoon Manor and claim it for my convent!
Locate Curator Estenmaer and take the Curator's Key Ring from him. Then, find the crate which is unlocked by the key, and loot it for the Fiery Sphere. Return to Sarithael Dreadfury at Knife's Edge when you are finished.
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  • Tier 3 (0)
  • Tier 4 (0)


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