Arcane Teachings

Very soon we shall leave Avelorn behind, and lay claim to the land of Saphery. It is a magical land, made dangerous by the High Elves that riddle it like a pox. Archmages of the White Tower, tended by the Swordmasters of Hoeth, crawl across the land like parasites, made fat by the Winds of Magic. As the remaining forces in Avelorn withdraw southward, Saphery's defenders send troops northward to guard their retreat. Their Mages pose the largest threat to us; despite their arrogance, they possess some measure of skill. We must probe their defenses, and see what manner of foes await us in Ulthuan's magical heartland. Our forces are poised to stab southward at the appointed time. Do not tarry, and may Khaine give you strength.
Travel south, along the coast, to the High Elf camp within the jade Coast. Kill the mages there to learn the measure of their power. Should you find any informative reports, read them..
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