An Unexpected Opportunity

I care little for this trifling conflict between you and your brethren. Your petty squabbles with the High Elves over this island pale in comparison to the titanic battles the forces of Chaos fight against the Empire. Stand in awe, for I am one of the Empire's greatest enemies! The mere mention of my name causes my foes to tremble in fear! I have overheard mention in your camp that there are Empire forces upon these shores. They have surely come after me! Go now and slaughter my enemies. While you do so, learn when and how they intend to strike at me so that I might prepare a proper reception for them.
Search the camps of the Empire forces who have come to Avelorn. Crush the Griffon forces assembled in their small camps. Scouting reports will be within the camps, near the Empire tents. Read the reports to glean any information you can pertaining to the Empire's interest in Syliran.
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