A Lords' Game

There is no question the Ellryion campaign goes well in militaristic terms, but the Convent's attempts at magical arts shares not our cries of victory. The Dreadblight convent has failed us here. Their new leadership has failed to arrest control of the Menhir. There is no doubt the accursed arcane stone will fall into Dark Elf hands, but Lord Uthorin will be none too pleased if those hands are not ours. I have spies deep within House Arkaneth. As it turns out Arkaneth devised a way to conquer the Ellryion Menhir. We are going to let them. After all the Dreadblight hasn't the means to do so. However, as soon as they have we will strike out against them. When we do, we must ensure every member of House Arkaneth be slain. Especially their nobles. We must not let any with influence live. Do this and we will ensure the glory for conquering remain in our hands.
Assist House Arkaneth in the assault on the Whitefire Tor. Turn your blade on House Arkaneth. Kill their nobles, then return to Kohrith Bloodmane at Conqueror's Watch.
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