An Inconvenient Truce

The bumbling fools of House Arkaneth are cornered at the Elyr Gatehouse that leads into eastern Ellyrion. Under normal circumstances I would take great pleasure in their imminent demise, yet this chafing truce leads me to believe Lord Uthorin would look favorably on us if we make an attempt to aid our rivals. If there is one thing I can be certain of, it is that Darkstrider, coward that he is, has saved his own skin at the cost of his house. Go to the gatehouse and see if there is any way to assist the incompetent Lordling so that we may curry favor with our Lord Uthorin!
Travel southeast to the Elyr Gatehouse. Defeat the Ellyrian Watchers and Ellyrian Vanquishers that have pinned down the House Arkaneth forces. When the High Elves have been defeated, speak to Harogath Darkstrider at the Arkaneth hold next to the Elyr Gate.
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