Beyond the Griffon Gate

As you collect the scattered papers and maps, you notice a map with a location to your south, very near the Griffon Gate, has been circled. Looking at the margins, you find a note written by Hassia: 'The most recent records of the noble houses of Ellyrion are stored in a vault near the Monument to Aenarion. Our cousins think themselves clever to hide these records here. The fools remain unaware that little occurs in the Shadowlands which evades the eye of the shades. ''Claiming these records before we cross the Griffon Gate will greatly aid our advance. These records of the noble houses of Ellyrion shall deliver into our hands a ready-made list of those our assassins will strike. 'You hear a rustle behind you. Perhaps you are not alone.
Travel to the crumbled monument and find where the records of the Ellyrian nobility are stored. Be watchful for attackers. The forces of the High Elves still stalk this area.
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