Beyond the Griffon Gate

Our siege of the Griffon Gate is reaping rewards, <name>, for a small band has crossed already into Ellyrion! However, in their haste the charging fools have gone with little knowledge of that pastoral expanse. Much has changed since last we were here, and I expect the Ellyrian Reavers are already mustering their forces to stand against us. We must gather knowledge of the land beyond the gate. That knowledge I had already gathered was carried by our ships that now lay battered upon the shore. These ships, sent to scout the coasts of Ulthuan, were set upon by the marauding sea guard. Our forces stood no chance against their assault, and now their wreckage washes up on the nearby shore. Search it for the lost intelligence. With them, you will find my notes documenting where in the Shadowlands further information can be gathered. Acquire all knowledge you can about Ellyrion, and make your way past the Gate!
Travel to the shore to the west and search the wreckage for the Ellyrian Intelligence. The journals should provide insight on where more information can be gathered.
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