Becoming the Unseen

You wish to become one with the shadows? Of course. What you ask can be done, but you will owe me for this. Are you content to pay the price that may be asked of you? The look in your eyes, <career>, you would do well to hide such lust for power, lest you find yourself unmasked before your plans have been brought to fruition. In order to create the tool you seek I will require the seeing eyes of a sightless predator, and the essence of one who tirelessly defends the knowledge of time. Bring me these things and the power of shadows will be yours.
Around these caves find and defeat the ancient bat of which Mathaen spoke, claiming its unseeing eyes. Travel south to the monument in Shadowmarch and slay a Lore Warden, capturing his essence. Return to Mathaen Kha'lhnir at the Sea Caves when done.
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