A People Divided

Hartha has directed you well. These ruins mark the once-great city where Malekith was born. Aenarion and Morathi held court here. When the Council betrayed us, Malekith plotted our defense from within these very walls. Had Malekith not been betrayed, Anlec would be the capital of Ulthuan! The broken walls of Anlec are now home to a race of cowards. Were we to take the lives of their elders, and of Eldias the Sorrowful especially, our ambitions here would be well-served. Eldias represents the last in a long line of cowardly traitors who turned their backs on our Witch King.
Hunt down and kill Nagarythe Elders throughout the Ruins of Anlec. Ensure that Eldias the Sorrowful is among them.
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