An Empire Defiant

The times and tidings are dark, <name>. To say otherwise would to be dishonest. I cannot afford to lie when so many lives hang in the balance. It is one such life that you and I must speak of, and I will ask of you a personal favor. For many years, Erich Galland was one of my closest friends and advisors. There are few alive that know my mind as he does. It is for this reason that I am concerned, for Erich has fallen under the sway of Chaos. None can say how long he has remained a pawn of the Changer of Ways. Though it grieves me to do so, I must order Erich's death. Were he possessed of his sanity, he would doubtless agree. I cannot abide a man of his stature being in thrall to our enemy, nor can I allow his suffering to continue. He was last seen in the Chaos Wastes, fleeing the Fires of Sigmar encampment in a southerly direction. Find him, <name>. Put him to rest.
Travel to the Fires of Sigmar encampment in the Chaos Wastes. Venture into the hills west of the Fires of Sigmar and search for Erich Galland. When you find Erich Galland, kill him. Return to Emperor Karl Franz when this has been done.
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