An Empire Defiant

Chaos has spread to Ulthuan. The High Elves, already pressed by both Dark Elf and greenskin, may not be able to hold the line against our enemies of old. We have sent the High Elves as much aid as we can spare, but in this instance I believe a pinpoint strike will be more effective than a legion of the Empire's finest halberdiers. A Chaos Portal has been reported near the Neversong Woods in Eataine. If left in place, it will allow the Raven Host to easily conduct its forces to and from Ulthuan's interior. I want this Portal destroyed, <name>, and I have enough confidence in your abilities to know that you will see this task through to the end. Should you succeed, you will have the honor of personally reporting your success to the Emperor. May Sigmar guide you.
Travel to the Windwild Coast in Eataine. Make your way to the Neversong Woods, to the southwest of the Windwild Coast, and pinpoint the location of the Chaos Portal. Destroy the Portal. When this has been accomplished, return to Altdorf and speak to Emperor Karl Franz.
  • Tier 1 (0)
  • Tier 2 (0)
  • Tier 3 (0)
  • Tier 4 (0)


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