An Empire Defiant

Though our Dwarf allies are stout folk with seemingly endless resolve, I believe they are more hard-pressed than they care to admit. Dwarf pride is legendary, hm? So now the Dwarfs wage war in Black Fire Pass. Agents of Chaos mingle with their foes, spreading disease and rot. To permit such an occurrence is to allow the ruinous powers to claim victory. As you have been a stout servant of the crown, I will entrust you with this task. Travel to Black Fire Pass, to the Dwarf camp known as Proudrock. From there, venture into the caverns to the east. Locate the foul leader of the Chaos cult that operates within and end her reign in the name of Karl Franz!
Travel to Proudrock in Black Fire Pass. Locate the caverns to the east of Proudrock, and venture within them. Locate Sister Krankheit and destroy her. Return to General Albrecht in Altdorf with proof of Krankheit's demise.
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