An Empire Defiant

The distant land of Ulthuan, the homeland of the High Elves, is also under assault by dark powers. As each day passes, it becomes more and more obvious that this massive conflict we find the Empire mired in is but a small part of a larger scheme. Were it not enough that the dark undead rise against the Dwarfs, it has been revealed that the dark art of Necromancy is being unleashed upon the High Elves. An order of necromancers known as the Crimson Shroud has joined with the Dark Elves. Not all of the Crimson Shroud's affiliates are necromancers. They have their mundane minions, as well. One of these, Eckhardt Krause, has been seen within the fallen town of Starbrook Falls. Krause is wanted in Altdorf for a number of vile crimes. Travel to Ulthuan, find Krause, and bring him back dead or alive. Speak with General Albrecht upon your return.
Travel to the Windrider Plain encampment in Ellyrion, upon the isle of Ulthuan. From Windrider Plain, journey to Starbrook Falls. Locate Eckhardt Krause, and confront him. When you have taken Krause dead or alive, return to Altdorf and speak with General Albrecht.
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