An Empire Defiant

Good day, <name>. It is fortunate that you have come to see me, for I have another task for you. Our allies, the Dwarfs, fight against a multitude of tireless foes in the Marshes of Madness. Not only do the greenskins constantly harangue the Dwarfs, but the ancient dead of the Mourkain rise to hinder their tasks. To that end, we have sent a number of Sigmar's finest Warrior-Priests to support our stout friends, yet the depth of the trouble in the Marshes was underestimated. The Priests need succor, and I would ask you to deliver it to them. Find Konrad Boel and deliver these Sigmarite Epistles to him. At last accounting, he was to have ventured southwest of Reekmarsh Camp to combat the undead there. I will await your return. Good luck.
Travel to Reekmarsh Camp in Sinkwater Fen within the Marshes of Madness. Travel southwest of the camp, to the Tainted Drench, and locate Konrad Boel. When you find him, deliver the Sigmarite Epistles to him. When this has been accomplished, return to Councilor Zutzen in Altdorf.
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