An Empire Defiant

Of late, the Emperor has been vexed by the growing threat of the plague in Nordland. He has sent a handful of scholars, physicians, and priests to investigate, but the war has ensured that they are isolated and without much support. One of these physicians, Christoph Swearingen, was last seen at the encampment near the Gotland Advance, known as Ravenraid. The plague has hit that region especially hard, and Swearingen will need all the help we can muster. Go to Ravenraid near the Gotland Advance, find Swearingen, and deliver these Physician's Supplies to him. Upon your return to Altdorf, come to me so that I know of your success.
Travel to Ravenraid in Norsca to look for Christoph. After you find him, make sure that he's safe, and then give him the Physician's Supplies from Councilor Zutzen.
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