Betrayal from Within

The forces of Karl Franz have been quick to come to our aid in Ulthuan. , The humans have found the means to provide warriors to bolster our defenses, even as they are pressed by the forces of Chaos. It is my belief that we High Elves are obligated to return the aid in kind. One means by which we can do so is to aid the Order of the Griffon in their struggles at the Bastion Stair. Those who have arrived here from the lands to the east tell of a terrible betrayal by a grandmaster of the Knights of the Blazing Sun. Now, the corruption of Khorne envelops the Knights of the Bastion Stair, turning them into furious warriors who slay those they once saw as allies. Make haste to the Bastion Stair, <name>, and give all that you can to aid our allies!
Journey to the Bastion Stair and offer your assistance in turning back the corruption of Khorne to Bechter Pultz.
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