Bits of Chain

The Raven Host is being stretched thin, and the armor of our warriors is getting harder to repair. You can help by gathering salvageable pieces of chain mail from fallen Empire soldiers. The raw power within the Bastion Stair will undoubtedly infuse the armor with some of its power. Hopefully the taint of the Bastion Stair will provide an extra boost to the strength of our warriors without twisting them into minions of blood. Look for the dead Empire expidition. Their chainmail has been absorbing the inherent power of the Stair since their earlier failed assault. We must collect as much of it as we can before the Khornites realize its value.
Go into the Path of Fury and search the corpses of the Order of the Griffon soldiers for salvageable remnants of chainmail. Twenty such pieces should help the Raven Host a great deal. Return to Vidkun Geldik when done.
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